Happy Self Love Day!!!

Last week Tuesday I had the opportunity to go to Atlanta Live at WATC in Norcross, Georgia and sat in the Prayer Room with my beloved church family. We do this every first Tuesday of the month and we take prayer requests over the phone. My Pastor selected me to go on television and ask people to call in for prayer and to give their lives to Christ. This is something I look forward to every month. I will leave work in hour early and make sure my hair and makeup is done and I take that hour drive while fighting traffic to Norcross. I always beat everyone there and it’s been such a humbling experience for me and I thank GOD for this opportunity and to be able to do Kingdom Work.

While I was at the Prayer Room the very first phone call I took was a call that I will never forget. A beautiful woman who sounded very sad and discouraged asked me to pray with her for a companion. She said I am 60 years old and I desired marriage and I’m spending another Valentine’s Day alone. I felt her pain and her loneliness over the phone. I begin to say to myself, “how can I pray for her when I feel the same way.” I was just up early that morning crying my heart out to GOD about some things I desired for my life and how multiple people broke my heart and I felt lonely. GOD immediately took over that phone call and I begin to put my fears and feelings to the side.

I declared to her that she is beautiful and she is never ALONE!! I told her I feel the same way but we will both trust in GOD that he will send us our mate and during the waiting period we will draw closer to him and love ourselves. As I was praying for my sister I was also praying for myself. After that prayer, she said you are right and thank you for encouraging me and I feel a lot better. I told her to get dressed up on Valentine’s day and take herself out and enjoy the time with herself and of course GOD. She said, “I am going to enjoy myself and trust in GOD that my Husband is on the way when it’s my season.”

To all my single ladies and fellas I want you to trust in GOD and don’t be discouraged this season. You may just had a bad breakup or you may just went through a bad divorce but remember there is LIFE after a bad breakup and LIFE after a divorce. Sometimes the enemy will make you feel that no one doesn’t want you or I’m not good enough or attractive. Remember, those are the lies of the enemy and GOD has someone already in store for you. There is a season for everything and LOVE comes from GOD and within. I encouraged you all to LOVE on yourself not just on Valentine’s Day but every day. Treat yourself to a day at the spa, at your favorite restaurant and doing something that makes you happy. Please don’t forgot to Pray with your heavenly father because I still believe that Prayer still works and I always feel better when I talk to my father and he always makes me feel better and wipes away every tear I ever shed.

Instead of saying Happy Valentine’s Day I’m going to say Happy Self Love day!!! Love on you! Thank GOD in advance for the mate he has in store for you. Until than enjoy you and your time with GOD and be in expectation of TRUE LOVE!!!


Remember, you were once broken but now you’re BEAUTIFUL!!!