2017 has been a great year for me so far.  However, it has been some challenges and obstacles I faced during my personal life and I faced some adversities on my job.  One of the biggest lessons I learned this year is not giving people POWER over you.  Only GOD gets that.  I almost walked out of my job earlier this year when my co-worker and I got into a dispute and she said some harsh things to me that I stormed out of the office with tears rolling down my eyes.  When I walked inside my apartment, my mother was still there and she immediately asked me what happened.  When I told her she said to me with disappointment in her eyes, “Marissa, are you going to believe the lies of the enemy and allow that woman to push you away from your job?”  I couldn’t believe at that moment I was going to allow someone to push me away from my blessing and allow the enemy to tear me down.

My dad said something very powerful to me over the phone, “Marissa, don’t ever lose your composure, dignity or integrity over anyone especially a man.”  Earlier this year I called myself dating someone who really wasn’t worth my time.  I actually admired this man more than I actually liked him.  I got too involved with him and found myself getting all out of character when I caught him with another woman.  After embarrassing myself GOD immediately spoke through someone during that altercation and they told me that I was beautiful and to know my worth.  She was absolutely right and I thank GOD that he is no longer in my life anymore.

2017 has been a year of prosperity, growth, wisdom and self love for me.  I am thrilled that my Alma Mata, Clark Atlanta University recognized me as a Distinguished Alumna of the Day in August. Not to mention, my Pastor selected me to do the prayer room announcements at WATC every month and it aired right here on television in Georgia.  It felt amazing telling people on television to call in for prayer and to give their lives to Christ.  90 seconds of doing those announcements monthly turned into a 30 minute talk show called Broken into Beautiful on WATC.  God is allowing me to utilize my gifts to give him the glory. One of the beautiful women at my church known as Mother Pritchard often reminds me that what you do for Christ lasts.  It brought tears to my eyes to see Broken into Beautiful which was a vision from the Lord manifest on television. God gets all the glory and I can’t thank him enough.

Not to mention, my supervisor nominated me to be the Leasing Professional of the year by the Atlanta Apartment Association.  Guess what???? The judges loved what my Property Manager wrote about me and now I am a nominee for Leasing Professional of the Year here in Georgia.  What????? Can you believe that?  A girl who was once told she wasn’t smart, that she was stupid, too sensitive, not good enough and so much more.  My favorite scripture says it best, “that I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me,” Philippians 4:13.  I thank GOD everyday for what he is doing in my life!

I encouraged you my sister or my brother that is reading this to not give Men your power and to not allow others to see you sweat.  Remember who you are in Christ and what GOD already told you. We cancel the assignment of the enemy and don’t you believe the lies of the enemy.  Love yourself and in the words of my Father don’t ever lose yourself over anyone.  No one is worth that.  Take GOD with you and know that you are a WINNER!!! WE ARE ALL WINNERS!!! God has already placed a crown on your head when he created you fearfully and wonderfully made.

Remember, you were once Broken but now you’re Beautiful.

Love you

Marissa Daniel

Broken into Beautiful