Throughout my young adult life even as a young child, I was an open book to people. I was an open book to my friends, old roommates in college, old boyfriends and even my church family. I admired so many people growing up that I put them on a high pedestal. Those same people talked about me, put me down and even disappointed me. To the young lady or young man that is reading this my advice to you is to put GOD first in your life and put no man or woman before him. That same person you admire, that same person you love, that same person you brag about is the same one who can break your heart into pieces.

I was once Broken because the young man in high school who I gave my virginity to and who I once thought I belonged to broke my virginity and left me with a broken heart and spirit at the tender age of 14. I was once broken by friends who I confided in all my secrets, shared my dreams and insecurities with and they left me broken by talking about me to others, they used me and left me friendless. I was once broken by people who I once looked up to and they left me confused and broken by disappointing and hurting me to the core. These experiences taught me to never put Men before GOD. I believe that if no one loves you please know that GOD loves you and he is here with you on your journey to righteousness.

Take your pain your broken heart and your tears because it is a part of your journey. Learn to forgive and let GO! Let Go and Let GOD!! The devil knows your weaknesses and he will use people to attack you. From your family to your friends from your spouse even your co-workers. Sometimes you have to look the devil in the eye and tell him who you are in the eye of your heavenly father. I remember just last year when I was working at my job on a beautiful Sunday afternoon a very angry resident stormed into the office very upset because she wasn’t pleased with the Property and the staff. She looked me straight in the eye and told me I wasn’t a good Leasing Professional and she doesn’t know why the company chose me as the Leasing Trainer. That was my moment to look that devil in the eye and tell her that I didn’t receive that and I am the Leasing Professional/ Leasing Mentor because my father in heaven chose me and I am equipped for the position.

The higher you go in life the bigger the demons you faced. You have the power to take authority over what is yours and face those demons and tell them who you are. We all have to overcome people and know who we are in the body of Christ. I tell myself over and over that I am the righteousness of GOD through Christ Jesus. I am the head and not the Tail. I am above and not beneath. I am Somebody. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am smart. I am equipped for the position I’m in and Greater is coming for me. Even when you don’t feel it in your soul tell yourself that you are a Winner. GOD is with you and he is for you!! Even when you feel alone GOD is with you. GOD will allow certain things to happen to make you stronger. My Pastor once told the congregation of the church, that we are all a seed. Sometimes God will put us in dirt which is uncomfortable places in our lives to make us stronger. All things work together for your good.

Beloved, if you experienced rape, molestation, poverty, suicidal thoughts or anything that is heartbreaking you are not alone. GOD is here and I encouraged you to submit yourself to him and give your life to Christ. It will change your life. Give yourself to him and he will begin to wipe away every broken tear you have ever shed.

Remember you were once broken but now you’re beautiful!